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The FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Name - LaLucca Blog II

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

40 Years of Branding and Marketing for some large CPG brands in the retail space keeps my plate very full, but my first love has always been fashion. The essence of Fashion and style is one of those feelings that is hard to put your finger on. To many it is the feeling of confidence when you walk into a room and the feeling of looking your best. That is what my purpose and vision was when I created FINN ⚓️ LUCCA several years ago...

I wanted to help women feel good about themselves and have fun shopping in the process. Door County is my favorite spot to be and so I decided to start a brand that would hold the best of the Nautical and Coastal Vibes right here on our Door Peninsula. The name came while chatting with my sister over a glass of wine. Of course wine had to be involved. I was looking for a word to go with Lucca (short for Fallucca) and she suggested the word FINN. We knew right away that FINN ⚓️ LUCCA had to be the name. It had a special Mediterranean sound to it, but was grounded with a slight reference to the Fin on a Shark or Dolphin. Even though Lake Michigan is Shark Free and Salt Free we liked the rhythm and combination of the words. An added feminine touch to our namesake is the graceful fin at the end of our Baileys Harbor Mermaid tail.

FINN ⚓️ LUCCA also has a second meaning that is near and dear to me. A very special dog - Lucca a Golden Retriever will always be The comfort, The sass and The sport that the brand embodies. From One-of-a-kind clothing, Accessories, Home Goods and Art the brand will keep its ethos of East Coast Style meets Key West Style. Nautical and Coastal themes make up our collections as we throw in a combination of Classic refinement and vintage boho style. That special something for the Door County women who wants to spend her summer in style and anchored with confidence.

Anchored in Love,

Laurie Fallucca


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