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STYLE by LaLucca - Girl Math, Fast Fashion and More. FINN ⚓️ LUCCA January 2024 Blog

I hope you have taken on my Closet Challenge and are finding great satisfaction in cleaning out your closet and reducing outfit selection overload. Now let's move onto becoming more sustainable, more giving, more budget minded, and less trend focused. STYLE by LaLucca will help you to see how Trends are Temporary but Style is Timeless !! Your personal style is what makes your wardrobe unique so lets all learn how to shop on purpose and not on impulse.


SIX Tips on a Sustainable Wardrobe & Timeless Style: 


1. Shop Quality over Quantity. High-Quality lasts longer and spares the purse. Cheap clothes don't look classy and buying them doesn't work. Cheap clothing needs to be replaced right away. Those who buy high-quality clothing and care for them properly actually save a lot of money in the long run.

2. Continue Donating or give-away clothing you don’t LOVE. 1/3 of clothing in the average household has not been worn in the last year. Sad statistic is that 81.5 pounds is the average amount of clothing we throw away each year.


3. Be wary of Fashion Influences that are pushing Fast Fashion as they are partly responsible for mass-produced fashion. Fast Fashion is bad for the environment and manufacturers still do not pay their workers a living wage. Fast Fashion is subject to the whims of the season, produces copy cats and is not personal style.



 4. Shop Sustainable Fashion and support brands that reduce their impact on the environment. Much clothing at mass retailers end up at discount stores and if that doesn't sell it goes to landfills across the country or literally gets burned.


5. Statistics show that only 1% of clothing gets recycled into new garments. Look for Brands like FINN ⚓️ LUCCA that promote artists that up-cycle and re-construct clothing into one-of-a-kind clothing. You can also shop re-sale stores in your community.


6. Set a Budget for your seasonal clothing purchases. Girl math normally does not work as you will generally buy more when you think you are getting a good deal. Don't rationalize your spending habits as a way of maximizing happiness as this never justifies the financial burden it will create over the long run.

Watch for more tips in the coming months as we learn about our best colors, the best proportions for our bodies and how to create personal style. Have a great January and know that you are ADooR'D !!


Ciao' Laurie Fallucca

Founder FINN ⚓️ LUCCA

             Project ADooR'D


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