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What does One-of-a Kind mean?

Our Wearable Art, Jewelry pieces and Art are mostly one-of-a kind meaning the one you find at our gallery was the only one made.  The sizing, design and color are the only ones available.  We may be able to special order something similar and the artists will work to make your piece stand out and be very special just for you.  




Do you have on-line or delivery options?

We are sorry but at this time FINN & LUCCA is only at our physical location on the farm in Fish Creek.  So, Don't miss our 6X's per season POP-UP events and watch for special gallery openings




How do I return an item?

Please contact us via e-mail and we will work with you personally to get you another item you love

Where did the name FINN & LUCCA come from?

FINN & LUCCA like most good names came about over a glass of wine.  While brainstorming good names to go with Lucca  (short for our founder Fallucca) the name Finn came up.  It resonated because of coastal waters and the dorsal Finn on the shark and Dolphin. Even thought Lake Michigan is Shark Free and Salt Free we still loved the reference. The name also has secondary meaning for a very special dog... Lucca a golden retriever.  




Do you rent out the cottages on FINN & LUCCA Farm?

No, both our Chalet and our Grannery Cottage are used for charitable Hospitality retreats.   




How do i get involved in Project ADooR'D?

Please contact us via e-mail and we will give you information on giving or receiving from our Project ADooR'D Charity.  

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