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STYLE by LaLucca BLOG. The Psychology of Color & Your Best Colors to Shine.

Ahoy Ladies, Welcome to Style by LaLucca where I will be sharing the psychology of color and how it affects your daily moods, alters a first impression and boosts confidence.

How does color change the way you feel and affect your mood?

Wearing Red can boost your energy level and fight fatigue. Try you personal shade of Red Lipstick, Red Sunnies or Red Shoes and feel the difference. Red can wake you up and help keep your attention.

Colors with shades and hints of Purple make you feel more connected and spiritual. If you want a deep connection and deep relationships try purple when meeting new people.

Wearing the vivid color of Magenta will make you feel bolder and more confident. Magenta will make you and others around you feel more energetic and spark new ideas in them.

Adding Blue to your wardrobe can inspire relaxation. At FINN ⚓️ LUCCA we are all about the relaxing nature of water and shades of blue clothing that evoke a day at the beach or a day on the water. Wearing blue may even bring down your heart rate and blood pressure.

Pink is a color that brings the thought and feelings of comfort and softness. A great color if you want to look feminine or just add the feeling of comfort to an outfit.

Shades of Orange and Peach tend to make people feel balanced and calm. The 2024 Pantone color of the year "Peach Fuzz" was chosen to bring peace and kindness into the world.

As a Professional stylist I would caution wearing Peach Fuzz as it could wash out many color tones. If you have darker skin or very pale skin try experimenting with monochrome peach and deeper orange tones.

Adding a shade like Pantone's Desert Flower in an Accessory (purse, shoes, necklace) is a great way to add this years color in a richer and earthier look.

Shades of Green can promote a state of equilibrium. Green is a great color to lift you up or calm you down depending on which shade you choose.

Yellow is associated with joy and hope. Look for a yellow that balances your natural skin tone. Shades of yellow are always a great way to pop color into your outfit.


Color has the power to change how you feel and express your individuality. Understanding how colors can enhance or diminish your appearance is important, and so is learning how the right colors for your individual inner beauty will make you shine. If you would like to learn more about your own color code you may want to take the Style by Color Quiz, attend one of our Fashion Events or meet with me for a color consultation.

Ciao' Laurie Fallucca

Founder FINN ⚓️ LUCCA and Project ADooR'D


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