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FINN⚓️LUCCA has a new home in Door County - LaLucca Blog I

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


FINN⚓️LUCCA has roots that run deep in Baileys Harbor as our first years POP-UPS were held in that great lakeside village. The FINN⚓️LUCCA mermaid still keeps watch over Baileys Harbor and is around as our namesake to bestow blessings and safety. Due to the great success of our first years we knew we needed to find a unique destination venue for our FINN⚓️LUCCA business. After searching from lakeside to bayside we were lead to something right in between, and what a serene destination it is.

The new FINN⚓️LUCCA farm sits on 10 acres of woods and prairie in Fish Creek and has as its glory a century old barn. The barn already had a previous gallery and all it needs now is some FINN⚓️LUCCA style and lots of elbow grease. The new farm venue will allow us to do many special POP-UP's, Hospitality, and Charity events that will all be enhanced by this beautiful Door County setting. We even have a unique Scandinavian Chalet, Granary and Blacksmith shop on the property. . So many possibilities lay ahead and I know that my passions for fashion, home, gardening, art, ministry, food & wine will all come together as I live out my purpose. My team and I are excited to be getting ready for the 2022 season and will be adding several new artists and a new line of Home Goods made by local carpenters that we know you will love. Anchored in Love,

Laurie Ann Fallucca



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