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How to wear Leather 7 Ways - STYLE by La Lucca BLOG

For Fall of 2023 Leather is commanding all manner of style for women wanting to feel modern and chic. Leather is always a Fall Staple for your wardrobe just like Linen is a Spring/Summer Staple. The difference for this season is the way women are styling their Leather pieces with other Leather pieces. It's full on head-to-toe Leather in a Chic way that looks on trend. Leather is being taken to new heights with new iteration and new styling being the key to this distinction. So step out into the world of Leather with these 7 Tips on how to wear Leather.

The Classic Trench Coat - A classic trench coat is an item many may have in their closets already. Try updating this staple in a warm or bright Leather fabric. Add some 70's patchwork if you are looking for a creative original vibe which can add some traditional style in a fresh and unexpected way. A trench is the quickest and most visible way to achieve the leather look.

Long Leather Skirts - A feminine style with masculine materials is the mix that makes a long leather skirt scrumptious for Fall. The lines of a long feminine skirt even when done in Leather lend a softer look to your outfit. It's all about the mix of leather fabric in unexpected ways. Leather Boots or Pumps in a coordinating color will ground the look.

Stovepipe Trousers - A great piece to rock this edgy material and nail a street worthy look. If you are loving the high waisted trouser style you can go for a cropped leather vest, top or jacket for a sleek street-style look. This look is sure to stand out in a crowd if your style personality is Fashionista.

Knee High Riding Boots - Sleek Riding Boots will always have their place for Fall but when combined with a long leather skirt you have a look that is all 2023. Use your riding boots to add another leather color into your gorgeous leather outfit. The texture and boldness of boots adds a hard dimension so make sure to add some softness elsewhere in the mix with some fringe, ruffle, or flounce.

Oversized Jackets - A soft, lived in, broken in, Bomber Jacket is an ode to the Punk scene changed up with a more put together look made possible by combining leather on leather in softer shades. We are seeing much more brown than black this season which adds to a softness in style. That doesn't mean that all black isn't also hot for the season, Biker-Core patent leather looks in all black look great with chunky boots and bold jewelry.

Leather Blazars - This classic item is set apart when done in leather, This is a classic masculine silhouette that can add a subtle edge to your look. Instead of your classic black leather try swapping out a brighter color or a warmer color in a shade that will give you a different look. If you have an X or D body shape you can go for a cropped style and create a dynamic layered outfit with a blouse or long sleeve knit.

Leather Dress - Go for an adventuress look in a flowy leather dress with soft lines mashed up with a leather trench coat or a leather bomber jacket. It is the leather on leather look that is so fresh and flirty for the season. Go for softer shades of browns or brighter colors to keep the look fresh and not harsh or too biker.

Remember to Style your leather outfit according to your Style Personality and add your own look. Don't know your Style Personality? Check out the Closet Outfit Planner at and with its purchase you will get a 30 minute 1:1 consultation to find the best colors and styles for your one of a kind beauty.

Look to unexpected details in the pieces you mix with leather to create a flow of softness and movement with less rigidity that adds balance to your leather look. Add your own style with accents of pearls, colorful gems, embellishments and frills to add a unique and feminine style that will make you shine. Vegan leather gives you the same look at a lower cost but it will not last as long so spend accordingly. No matter how you put together your head-t0-toe leather this season its all about the confidence to do it while embracing the fabric of leather.

You are ADooR'D Ladies,

Laurie Fallucca

Finn & Lucca

Project ADooR'D


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