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FINN⚓️LUCCA Swoon Worthy Jewelry - LaLucca Blog V -Top 10 Jewelry Trends and How to Layer.

Adornments are part of our everyday wardrobe so why not make yours real statement pieces... or as we say at FINN⚓️LUCCA... Swoon Worthy Jewelry.


TOP 10 Jewelry Trends for Spring 2022

  1. Pearls

  2. Headbands

  3. Chandelier Earrings

  4. Chain Belts

  5. Chain Link Everything

  6. Chunky Chokers

  7. Candy Colored Baubles

  8. Bicep Bracelets

  9. Silver/Chrome Jewelry

  10. "Go Big or Go Home"

Tips on How to Layer Jewelry

The Art of Layering Jewelry starts with my simple tips and avoids looking like "the younger you" who just raided Grandma's Old Jewelry box as a child.

  1. Pick one type of Jewelry to layer and add Sparkle. If you choose Necklaces, Only Layer Necklaces. If you choose Bracelets, Only Layer Bracelets. There is definitely such a thing as too much going on. You want to bring the eye to your beautiful face and your jewelry should help frame your face.

  2. Choose Different Lengths The key to layering is to add different lengths. I always start with my longest necklace first and then work upwards to my neck. You will want each piece to sit a natural way apart from the other necklaces. You don't want one blocking the view of another or getting all tangled up.

  3. Choose a look that will go with your mood and outfit for the day. This is a great way to show your creativity. If I am feeling very Coco Chanel for the day I will try this Spring's must look and layer lots of pearls. If I want more of a laid back Vintage Boho look I will add lots of fringe, leather and genuine stones. If I am in the mood for a little Coastal Vibe I will add layers of White and Shade of Blue. Most importantly is that you have fun and show the world the confident you.

  4. Let your Jewelry be SWOON WORTHY don't wear a top or blouse with strong prints or patterns on days you layer jewelry. Keep your clothing in your best neutral family to showcase the jewelry and your beautiful face.

  5. Gold or Silver or Rose? The right choice of metal tones in your jewelry will either harmonize with your skin tone or wash you out. Stop by the FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Jewelry Counter and let me help you find the right tone to bring out your unique coloring. Personal consultations are also available to help you Style by Color.

Browse all Jewelry at Accessories. The 14 pieces of Jewelry shown layered in the above photos are part of our Jewelry collections for Resort 2022.

Anchored in Love,

Laurie Fallucca




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