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FINN & LUCCA STYLE by LaLucca BLOG - 5 Ways to wear Glitter this Holiday and Winter Season.

The Holidays are in full swing and what better time to go all out in your Outfit choices. If you want to enter the New Year in style try out these Style ideas for: How to Wear Glitter and the Rock Modern Disco Trend. Keep the look going all Winter to show off your Shine.


SEQUIN SKIRTS - I recommend wearing only one major Glitter piece to your outfit and let that be the star. The elegant silhouette of a Sequin Skirt can be the one key piece you need this Winter as you have so many ways to wear it. I love the mix of Glitter and the Modern Disco Look combined with unexpected knit tops. Try a Grey Cashmere Sweater set for any day to night event. Or Try a Breton Stripe Knit ala FINN & LUCCA style and some strappy navy sandals and a navy bag for a very French look.

SEQUINS for DAYTIME- The Chill way to add a little Glitter to your Holidays and Winter Wardrobes are with Sequins. Here are a number of ways to add Sequins without feeling like you're heading out to a nighttime gala. Add some fun to your daytime outfit by mixing and matching Sequin Pants with something equally textural like Leather, fur or feathers. Keep a daytime bag and daytime shoes to keep from looking overdone during the daytime. A funky T-shirt or an unexpected colors will add fun and you can show off your Style Personality.

Two Trends in One - Sequin & Feathers. When wearing a funky over-the-top skirt you can up your Jewelry accessories around the face IF you keep your top simple. This is a great trick for any Sparkle Queen or anyone who just needs a dose of Shine. Try Crystal or Rhinestone accessories for a great compliment to Glitter. Wearing your Jewelry in a rainbow of Color can be a fun and a playful way to add more Glitter. What makes these outfits my pick are the versatility of going from Work to Dinner or Party. You can't go wrong with a mix like this.

SEQUIN & Cashmere. The Key to keeping Sequin pants from being too over the top is pairing them with a top that is low key and soft. Try a Texture Clash and go with a Cashmere Sweater. Style with a French Tuck to add a casual elegance to your Sequin wide leg trousers. If you add any item on top that is too polished or too embellished you will have lost your focal point of the outfit. This look is an easy vibe for daytime or nighttime just be switching out the shoes and other accessories. I love an embellished shoe for Evening, Go for Stilettos, Booties or even Platform Heals.

BEDAZZLED JACKETS - If you love Bling and Glitter than go all out and wear a Sequin Blazer. If you want to wear it all through the Winter than mix it up with an edgy pair of Denim and casual booties. Wear a Jacket with a white tee shirt knotted at the waist and some high waisted pants for a very fresh take on Sequins. The fit and drape of a Sequin Jacket is key to the lux look so buy quality !!


Have Fun with Sequins and Glitter and show off your very own Style Personality. The opportunities to dazzle and shine are bountiful. You are a one-of-a-kind beauty !!!

Anchored in Love,

Laurie Fallucca


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