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FINN ⚓️ LUCCA introduces STYLE by La Lucca, Fall 2022 Color Trends

To keep you up-to-date while the FINN ⚓️ LUCCA gallery slumbers over the cold Fall and Winter months we have a special style report named "STYLE by LaLucca" Our gallery may be hunkered down but the style and inspiration will keep coming. So until we can see you in Spring of 2023 enjoy these style tips. Color is at the heart and soul of style and STYLE by LaLucca was created to help you maneuver life with elegance, grace and style. We don't mean wearing the latest trend or what's popular over developing your own personal style - for when achieved - expresses an air of confidence and individual personality. Vogue and Pantone have given us 5 Pops of Color and 5 Neutrals that will elevate your wardrobe as you weave these into your own closet and style personality.


If you want to take your outfit to the next level - add a bit of head-to-toe Pop color OR just a splash of Pop color. If you are a minimalist this may be a hard pill to swallow but for those of us who are feeling a little tired or drab, these colors are sure to make you shine. They are also a great way to have fun with fashion.

1. Pacific Ocean Blue - This is my favorite of the season as it mixes in so nicely with my neutrals of Navy and Grey. A great pop of color if you are a soft or a clear color code. I found the perfect pair of wool trousers in Pacific Ocean Blue and can't wait to wear them.

2. BarbieCore Pink - Does this remind you of playing dress up or Junior Prom? This may not be the first color I will run out to buy but I do think it would look great mixed with Red. For all you Clear or Cool gals out there I think this is a stunning color for you if you are feeling gutsy.

3. Zesty Lime - Yes the 80's are back and so is electric lime. I remember a Body Glove swimsuit in this color back in the days so I think I will leave this trend alone. If you are a clear I know this color would look good on you (in small slices that is)

4. Mellow Yellow - The color of a nautical flag so I can get into this color. If you have blond hair (a Soft or a Light) I would stay away from Mellow yellow as it would wear you... stick to drinking it. The deep gals will look stunning in this yellow.

5. Burnt Orange - I think this is a very wearable color and mixes so well with many neutrals. If you are a warm this is your pop color for 2022 and you can wear it with confidence knowing it will make you feel fresh. I would buy a Burnt Orange Bag or some fun shoes to really update my look.

5 Neutral Colors

These are some classic colors that I am sure you have hanging in your closet. Now is the time to add these to your 27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe for Fall of 2022. You can begin wearing these right away if you have stored your Wools and Cashmeres properly. If you find you are missing some of these colors or Jacket trends remember to shop on purpose and not on impulse.

  1. Off-White A great classy look when wore in a monochromatic look. Head to Toe Off-White or some call it Artic White will give a long lean appearance despite the color white. Most color codes can wear off-White. I would move to more of an true white if I was a Cool.

  2. Dark Grey Are you drawn to black or dark colors? This is a perfect change of color for you and the Dark Grey goes with most Pops of Color you may want to add. Or go for a tonal look of Dark Grey and Light Grey.... very elegant. Greys are made for you Cool toned ladies so wear this with all of your other blue undertone separates.

  3. Vanilla Latte Beige Beige never looked better than this Fall. Wear tone on tone or add in some off-white or Artic White. Keep an outer or inner column in your clothing pieces if you are a b body type with fluff around the middle or a d body type with a larger proportion derriere. I would wear Beige trousers and a beige cashmere turtleneck for an elongating look. This color is perfect for a soft or a light.

  4. Autumnal Brown Brown this Fall is a softer brown with a red or blush undertone. You can add this to your dark browns of seasons past but watch to make sure your undertones match up. This is another trending color that looks great in all shades put together for a classic and elegant look. Wear brown shoes if you have dark hair or add a pair of trendy white booties if you are a blond.

  5. Camel What could be more classic or neutral than a Camel coat, Cape or blazer in a luxurious Italian Wool or Cashmere. Look for these at high end second hand stores or splurge on a good quality new item knowing you will have this color and item forever. Camel mixes great with Black and gets you out of the all black rutt.

So what Pop Color and what Neutral Color are you most excited about? Leave me a message in the comments. Will you be daring as a fashionista and add a Pop of Color OR will you stay more classic modern and add some neutrals in monochromatic styling ways? However you choose to style your clothing this Fall remember to look first to see what are your best colors regardless of the trends. Wearing the right colors has a lot of benefits - it evens out our skin tone, it helps our complexion look more radiant and it give all of us a look of well-being. If you need help with colors I am available to do private or group color consultations on Fridays by appointment in Door County. Happy Fall Shopping and Closet Organizing.

Anchored in Love,

Laurie Fallucca



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