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Summer Accessories for YOUR Style Personality - STYLE by LaLucca June 2024 Blog

Women tend to dress in a way that feels comfortable to them — their own clothing style or “fashion and style personality” — but they may not be able to put a name to it or even know that they have a style personality. Identifying your style can guide you to purchase items you love and even shop in your own closet to bring out much loved pieces that show your individuality. Knowing your style can reduce stressful shopping experiences. Shopping at a gallery or store that has many different looks like FINN ⚓️ LUCCA can be key to finding your true and unique way to shine. There are four Style Personalities — Style Fashionista, Classic Modern, Natural Chic, and Creative Original that we will look at to help you update your Summertime Accessories and looks.

STYLE FASHIONISTA She embraces the trends in a chic way and loves creating a look that is always fashion-forward. She stands out in a crowd because she knows what to wear, how to wear it, and how to accessorize it. Anything goes when it comes to accessories and the bigger the bolder the better. Avant-garde fits her distinctive style and she is runway or charity event ready ! For summer casual she adds some great jewelry to her t-shirts & sweatshirts and she ties on a sarong wrap skirt instead of shorts for a chic look.

Modern Classic She loves wearing refined clothing and accessories that create the look of a modern beauty. She is always polished and well pulled together by mixing in more on trend statement pieces with her tried and true classic favorites. This preppy look of hers is well suited for summertime resort areas where boating, pickle-ball and beach clubs are her sport of the day. She adds some fun logo tees to her wardrobe and shines with her well loved classic nautical accessories.

Natural Chic She adores the way natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen feel against her skin. She wants her wardrobe to embody the elegance of her relaxed lifestyle; while lying on the beach, sipping a Prosecco on the patio, or having lunch with her friends. She has a sophisticated ease to how she accessories with rich textures and purely natural materials that remind her of the water and sand. She loves the Coastal vibe of all shades of blue and neutrals mixed in with the textures of raffia and straw for her hats and totes.

Creative Origianal She puts together outfits with an artistic and creative eye to create a style that is uniquely hers. She flawlessly mixes bold patterns, bright florals and local logo tees to express her own creative energy. She loves a bohemian look for summer that includes straw hats and ethnic layered beads. Turquoise and other bright colored jewelry has become her favorite way to mix in color and show her confident flair for originality.

So, which style personality feels the most like you? I like to mix up accessories styles based on my mood and event or occasion. But... I still tend to be mostly Classic Modern with a little Fashionista styled in when it comes to my investment clothing pieces. Stop in the FINN ⚓️ LUCCA gallery this summer and let us help you accessorize your looks and show you how you can modernize and up-level your style with Jewelry, Scarves, Hats and Totes.

OR, Purchase the Summer Closet Outfit Planner that makes getting dressed and accessorized a breeze. See Link Below to learn more and purchase the planner. Each purchase comes with a :30 minute (at our gallery) 1:1 style consultation with Laurie Fallucca.

Make this the summer YOU sizzle and shine !!

You are ADooR'D Ladies 💙

Laurie Fallucca

Founder FINN ⚓️ LUCCA and Project ADooR'D

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