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"Discover the Style of FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Resort 2024 in this Exclusive Sneak Peek!"

Spring is officially here, even if mother nature is not cooperating with us in getting us out of our boots. If you are like me, you are anxious to pack up your winter clothes and step into something fresher and lighter. If you were lucky enough to have taken a warm weather vacation this winter you will already have some ideas of what is in store to help you update and modernize your closet. Here is a sneak peek at what our talented artists have been up to this winter. Each Month this season we will be receiving new One-of-a-Kind and Unique clothing items for your closet. Our Artists are busy creating clothing for the women who wants to be unique... So let's Shine !!!

Captain of the Navy Collection - Refined and Elegant with high end embellishments and beautiful dressmaker details. Blazers, Satin and Leather come alive with vintage nautical patches and classic dressmaker detailing.

Sailor Time Collection - Fun and Preppy with color forward looks. Denim and cotton rule as the key players in these styles. Stripes and vintage flags play homage to nautical adventures that are seaworthy. A treasure chest of Jewelry awaits you.

Coastal Beach Collection - Take a VACAY any day in these light and airy looks. Crisp & tailored or Soft & breezy looks for whatever comes your way Lakeside or Bayside. Cool Shades inspired by the ocean and lake ... pale blue, Aqua, coastal blue, and navy blue.

Vintage Boho Chic - Creative Original style for those who want to wear a piece of art. Up-Cycled Clothing from denim, cotton and linen with a history and purpose. Layered Jewelry lends a bohemian lifestyle that shows off your playful personality.


I hope you like this sneak peak of some of the unique one-of-a-kind looks that will be available at our POP-UP Shops this Resort Season. More pieces are coming in each week and I will try to photograph a small selection so you can see the love and beautiful detailing that goes into each piece. I would love to show you personally how just the right pieces can update and modernize your closet. All you need are 27 Hangers that consist of some basics pieces and a few trend pieces. As a certified image consultant trained by STYLE by COLOR, I can give you the professional help you need to make getting dressed each day a pleasurable and rewarding experience. I will have some Friday afternoon appointments available for Mini Style & Color consultations - watch for details.

Ladies YOU are ADooR'D,

Ciao' Laurie Fallucca

Founder FINN ⚓️ LUCCA

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