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How to Wear Breezy FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Linen, The Quintessential Summer Staple. La Lucca Blog VII

Linen is a classic summer staple, a little know how and styling goes a long way in keeping you cool and collected. Linen has kept our ancestors cool since this all natural fabric, made from the Flax Plant, was found over 10,000 years ago. The properties of Linen as a superior fabric to silk and cotton in the summer explains it's popularity. Make Linen your go-to fabric for warm, humid and even extremely hot days. Here are my Tips for wearing Linen this Summer and into our Indian Summer.

Keep a Loose Beach Vibe

Wear your linen loose and comfortable, when you are at ease you will feel and look lighter. Pick Linen in summer hues such as blues of the sky & sea and neutrals like the sand as your linen based outfits are meant to look summery. Wear them as cover-ups to the beach or mix and match with other summer fabrics like cotton. Pair with a straw hat and strappy sandals to keep your VACAY vibe going.

Embrace the Wrinkles

Your linen pieces are meant to look lived in and not perfectly ironed and stuffy. Launder your linen in cool water and toss in the dryer for several minutes. Hang to finish drying and leave a soft wrinkle in the fabric. Overly ironed or starched linen will just wrinkle more. It is summer and you are going for an easy relaxed lifestyle so keep that frame of mind in your clothing choices this summer.

Go Casual

A great way to wear this summery fabric is to pair it with summer shorts, jeans and even your favorite denim skirt. A half tucked shirt as the above pictures shows will keep the look from being too boxy and give you a more flattering shape. If wearing linen shorts toss a cotton cardigan or even a unique denim jacket on top for a mix of texture and interest.

Go Dressy

A linen dress is always a smart way to carry you from daytime activities to a night out at your favorite Restaurant or Super Club. Remember to grab a jacket if not dining outside as the AC can make you feel like its winter. A linen Blazer is another way to add linen to your work outfit or even a dressy casual look. Roll up the sleeves and loose 10 pounds while keeping a more summer look. You will look polished and relaxed at the same time with Linen.

Pick Pieces that Flatter

Avoid Linen that looks too boxy or for that matter too tight. With Linen, it is really all about the way it drapes over your body. Today's linen is made much softer and not so stiff (So don't iron). If you have an X body shape than go ahead and wear a cropped top or a dress with a belt. Rompers are a great way to flatter most body types. If you have a body type with a little fluff around the middle than move to more looser fits that will drape over your body beautifully.

All Linen Pieces shown above will be for sale at FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Pop-Up shop this season. Remember to Embrace Linen - Embrace Summer - Embrace a VACAY Vibe.

Anchored in Love,

Laurie Fallucca

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