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Navigating the Sea of Style: FINN ⚓️ LUCCA Closet Challenge with Style by LaLucca. January 2024 BLOG

My goal for January and Challenge for all of you is to take this month and clean out your closets. Then in the months to come we will navigate your clothing and personal style while building your confidence. So let's get started with a fresh New Year and an attitude of giving.

6 TIPS for Organizing Your Closet


1. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing  in one or two years get rid of it. Unless it is of high quality and a classic piece.


2. Donate or give-away clothing you don’t LOVE. Keeping items in your closet leads to decision fatigue. I have adopted a One new item in ---- One item donated personal philosophy.


3. Donate or give-away clothing that doesn’t fit properly or are in unflattering colors. More about the importance of finding your best colors in February.


4. Store clothing that’s too big or small in size labeled totes out of your regular closet. Balance a realistic and optimistic size outlook.


5. Move Special Occasion wear out of your regular closet. I also suggest sharing these items with others as we wear them so seldom.


6. Organize your closet by style and color.  I keep all my Pants & Skirts in one area of my closet AND my Jackets and Shirts in another area of my closet.


Here's to a more joyful style experience as our closets and shopping become a purposeful journey. Save both time and money as you shop on Purpose and not on impulse. Ladies you are ADooR'D !!

Ciao' Laurie Fallucca

Founder FINN ⚓️ LUCCA

Project ADooR'D

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